We have signs and volunteers posted along the route...please follow their instructions!  Please use these instructions as a guide.


  1. Drop bikes at ST. COLUMBAN 75 minutes before your start time.

  2. Drive Car to Grailville at 931 O'Bannonvile Rd. Loveland OH 45140

  3. Start out on Foot from Grailville

  4. Run/Walk through the woods to St. Columban to get on your bikes

  5. Bike to Challenge #1 in the Loveland Presbyterian Church

  6. Bike to Challenge #2 at McCoy Park

  7. Bike down to Riverview Park by turning left on Oak, Left on Wakefield, Left on Walnut, Right on Ridgewood, Right on Jenna, Left on Hanna....down very steep hill, PLEASE GO VERY SLOW DOWN THIS HILL.  (If it is raining or wet, it will be a mandatory for you to walk your bikes down the hill)

  8. Complete Challenges #3-4 at Riverview Park.

  9. Exit Miami Riverview Park to the Bike Trail across street.

  10. Ride trail into Loveland.  Park bikes behind Jack Rabbit.

  11. Run/Walk to Martin's Fountain in grassy area in front of Jack Rabbit, complete challenge #5.

  12. Run/Walk to Jackson St. Market and complete challenge #6

  13. Run/Walk back to bikes. You will walk your bike up to the trail crosswalk and cross and then walk across the bridge. MANDATORY WALKING YOUR BIKE across the bridge.

  14. Ride bike to Dr. Julianne Swayne's (DDS) Office for Challenge #7

  15. Ride bike ...down Cross Alley, Left on Park and Right on Wall St.  Ride bike up Wall St. to up Fallis straight into Loveland High School. Ride Bike around the back side of Loveland High School. Park bike in the BIKE CORRAL and run to challenge #8 in the LHS auxiliary gym. 

  16. Run/Walk around front of School to Boike Park by Tennis Courts and complete challenge #9

  17. Run/Walk to Phillips Park and complete challenge #10

  18. Run/Walk through the back of Phillips Park through the woods to Kiwanis Park and complete challenge #11

  19. Run/Walk turn right our of Kiwanis Park on Wall St. to Betty Ray. Complete challenge 12 in Betty Ray Park.

  20. Time to relax down the lazy river...get your tube and hop on in!

  21. Run/Walk out of river into Nisbet Park and complete Challenge #13 .  

  22. Run/Walk to the Picnic tables in Nisbet Park and complete Challenge #14

  23. Run/Walk down bike trail turn left West Loveland sidewalk and proceed to Loveland City Hall to complete Challenge #15

  24. Run/Walk down West Loveland and at the light cross over Broadway and proceed to the Loveland Stage Company to complete Challenge #16

  25. Run/Walk back down Broadway and cross at light turn right up East Loveland and proceed left into the Moose Lodge and complete Challenge #17

  26. Run/Walk cross bridge into Nature Preserve.  Right on Nature Trail for Challenge #18

  27. Run/Walk exit Nature Preserve and turn Left on E. Loveland


  29. Run/Walk up E. Loveland Ave. and turn Left into Children's Meeting House School.

  30. Proceed straight on driveway and enter the front door of the School. Complete Challenge #19.

  31. Run/Walk through back of School and head to Challenge #20

  32. Swim through Challenge #20 and Run/Walk across the FINISH LINE 

  33. Cross the FINISH LINE and SMILE!!

It's PARTY Time!