Chief John E. Cooper Amazing Volunteer Group Award

In April of 2017, The Milford community and the Amazing Charity Race lost a great friend in Chief John Cooper of the Milford Fire Department.  Chief Cooper was a huge proponent of community service and was involved in many charitable causes.  He was a great friend of The Amazing Charity Race and was always ready to pitch in to make it a better event.  In his honor The Amazing Charity Race board of directors has created a new award that we will issue each year to one of our volunteer organizations.  The Chief John E. Cooper Amazing Volunteer Award will be given to the volunteer organization that has gone above and beyond the requested to make this race a more memorable event.  We are looking for spirit, service, and dedication.  We will poll the racers after they have completed the race asking specifically which volunteer or volunteer organization stood out and made their experience extraordinary.  Every one of our volunteer organizations is eligible because you all make a difference!  The winner will be awarded a plaque plus a special donation of $500 over and above our traditional donation at the awards banquet.


So, get your folks fired up and let’s make this another amazing race!  We could not even begin to put this show on without our incredible volunteers.  Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do. Yes, you are amazing!

The 2018 Volunteer Group Award was given to:


Thank you to John and Missy - Chief Cooper's son and daughter for attending our 2018 Check Award Party to hand out the plaque to this year's winner!