We have signs and volunteers posted along the route...please follow their instructions!  Please use these instructions as a guide.


  1. Drop bikes at CUB WORLD 90 minutes before your start time.


  3. Take Bus to Start Line at PAXTON RAMSEY PARK

  4. Start out on Foot from PAXTON RAMSEY PARK

  5. Run/Walk to Challenge #1 in the Park.

  6. Run/Walk to Challenge #2 at Promise Land Church

  7. Run/Walk turning right on IBOLD RD.  Run/Walk LEFT into CAMP FRIEDLANDER MAIN ENTRANCE

  8. Complete Challenges #3-8 in Camp Friedlander/Cub World.  Be very cautious running down switchbacks! 

  9. After exiting Challenge 8 please stay to the right on the grass.  There are cars dropping off bikes, so please be careful!

  10. Get on bikes in CUB WORLD Bike corral.

  11. Turn right out of Cub World - Stay on right side of road.  You are riding up a VERY STEEP HILL...it's OK to walk your bike.  This is your only big hill :)

  12. Continue riding bike to FAITH CHURCH to Challenge 9 & 10.  Turn LEFT into FAITH CHURCH.

  13. Turn LEFT out of Faith Church and Ride bike down PRICE RD - all the way to Forest Ave. in Milford.  ENJOY the downhill, (You deserve it!) but be careful, it is steep!

  14. At 2nd Stop sign turn RIGHT on Forest Ave.  

  15. Follow Forest Ave. until you get to the Police Station/Milford Municipal Station on your LEFT.

  16. Turn LEFT into Police Station/Milford Municipal Station Parking Lot. Complete Challenge 11.

  17. Turn LEFT out of station and ride straight into Lila Ave. Park (Old St. Andrew's School) Complete Challenge #12

  18. Ride LEFT out of Lila Ave Park on LILA AVE. and turn LEFT into MILFORD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH for Challenge #13

  19. Ride LEFT out of the Church and then turn LEFT at end of road on to HIGH ST.  PROCEED SLOWLY and take SHARP RIGHT TURN onto VICTOR STIER DR. by Water Works Department into VILLAGE PARK.  Complete Challenge #14.

  20. Continue riding on VICTOR STIER DR. veering left around curve.

  21. Ride straight and turn RIGHT into RIVERSIDE PARK PARKING LOT (just past American Legion Building).  Park bikes in BIKE CORRAL.

  22. Run/Walk on grass and complete Challenge #15

  23. Continue running through grass out of back of Park onto SYCAMORE ST. Cross Sycamore St. and continue left down VICTOR STIER DRIVE.  WATCH FOR OUT BIKERS!

  24. Run/Walk LEFT on LOCUST ST.  Turn LEFT into RIVERHILLS BANK and complete Challenge #16.

  25. Run/Walk LEFT out of Bank up to MAIN ST.  Cross Locust St. before you get to Main St. Then cross Main St. and Run/Walk down sidewalk to ROAD RIVER & TRAILS, stop and take a break and have a yummy bar and water. (Easiest Challenge EVER!)

  26. Continue Run/Walk down Main Street, turn LEFT on GARFIELD RD. crossing over Main St. on the CrossWalk.

  27. Run/Walk down GARFIEILD and turn RIGHT on to WATER ST. continue and turn LEFT on ELM ST. continue on and turn RIGHT on CASH ST.

  28. Follow Cash St. into RIVERSIDE PARK and complete Challenge #17

  29. Run/Walk to Bike Corral and ride bikes turning RIGHT out of Park onto Victor Stier Dr.

  30. Victor Stier Dr. turns into WATER St. WATCH OUT FOR RUNNERS!

  31. Ride all the way down to Stop Light at Mill St. and Water St.


  33. Ride bike on right side of Mill St. past Little Miami Brewery (Don't worry....there will be plenty of Beer at Finish Line Party!)

  34. Ride bike UP Mill St. and turn RIGHT at Stop Sign on to CLEVELAND AVE.

  35. Continue Riding around Cleveland - it will turn into S. MILFORD RD.  Keep riding following S. Milford for about 1/2 mile.

  36. Turn RIGHT into SEM VILLA PARK and Complete Challenge #18.

  37. Ride RIGHT out of park and continue following S. Milford Rd. down around curve to left....listen to police instructions.  These roads are NOT closed so please be careful!

  38. Continue riding down hill - (past Terrace Park Country Club on your right) and turn LEFT into PATTISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. 

  39. Right bike straight back to Bike Corral by Valley View Foundation Fence (Get off and walk at grass).  Park Bike. 

  40. Run/Walk through fence to Challenge #19 - Volunteers will direct you on what to do.

  41. Run/Walk to Tube Central and grab tube.  Run down to water, hop in and 'ahhhhhh' Enjoy! 

  42. Exit water to your RIGHT where volunteers tell you to exit.  Carry tube and drop at Tube Central.

  43. Run/Walk through fields to Challenge #20 at The Hop Field.  Complete Challenge #20

  44. Run/Walk around trees to your right and Run/Walk down the path/road to THE FINISH LINE!!!! 

  45. Cross the FINISH LINE and SMILE!!

It's PARTY Time!






Here are the lane closures during the race starting at 7:45AM until the race ends on these roads: 

1) Southbound lane of Price Road from River Hills Christian Church to Ibold Road;

2) Westbound lane of Ibold Road from Price Road to Camp Friedlander entrance; and

3) Southbound lane of Price Road between Cub World entrance and Milford city line (just north of Miami Woods Dr in Milford). 

Note that both lanes between the Ibold and Price intersection all the way to Cub World are open.



Cub World 6035 Price Rd, Loveland, OH 45140

From I-275E and Wards Corner Rd:

Turn RIGHT at light and head southwest on Wards Corner Rd (Past Frisch’s)1.4 mi

At STOP sign turn LEFT onto OH-126E 0.2 mi

Continue straight onto Loveland-Miamiville Rd 0.6 mi

Turn RIGHT onto Ibold Rd 0.9 mi

Please watch for Racers on road

At STOP Sign continue straight to stay on Loveland-Milford Rd/Price Rd 0.9 mi

Turn right in to CUB WORLD please follow VOLUNTEERS directions


From I-275W and Wards Corner Rd:

Turn LEFT at light and head southwest on Wards Corner Rd 1.6 mi

At STOP sign turn LEFT onto OH-126E 0.2 mi

Continue straight onto Loveland-Miamiville Rd 0.6 mi

Turn RIGHT onto Ibold Rd 0.9 mi

Please watch for Racers on road

At STOP Sign continue straight to stay on Loveland-Milford Rd/Price Rd 0.9 mi

Turn right in to CUB WORLD please follow VOLUNTEERS directions!




















Directions to Parking and Bus Pick-up:

Cub World 6035 Price Rd, Loveland, OH 45140


Follow VOLUNTEERS directions!  Go out the same way you came in!

Exit Cub World by turning LEFT onto Loveland-Milford Rd/Price Rd 0.4 mi

At STOP Sign turn RIGHT to stay on Loveland-Milford Rd/Price Rd 0.9 mi

Follow OFFICERS directions

Please watch for Racers on road

At STOP sign turn LEFT onto Loveland-Miamiville Rd 0.6 mi

Turn LEFT at light and head southwest (Cross over highway) and enter I-275 East

Follow I-275 East for 2 exits. Take exit 59 for OH-450/Milford Parkway

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Milford Parkway 0.6 mi

At light turn LEFT onto Chamber Dr.

At TRAFFIC CIRCLE take first exit onto Beechwood Rd

Turn RIGHT at STOP SIGN onto Round Bottom Rd

Continue on Round Bottom Rd. Drive to S Milford 1.2 mi

Turn right onto S Milford Rd 0.3 mi

Turn right into Pattison Elementary School

Follow VOLUNTEERS directions


Pattison Elementary School

5330 S Milford Rd, Milford, OH 45150



IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO RIDE BUS TO START LINE - Follow these directions - remember you will need to have car or pickup at finish line to take you back to this car.

Driving Directions PATTISON Elementary TO near START at RiverHills Christian Church:

RiverHills Christian Church 6300 Price Rd, Loveland, OH 45140


Turn LEFT out of Pattison Elementary School

Turn LEFT on to Round Bottom Rd.

Turn LEFT on to Beechwood Rd.

Turn LEFT around round-a-bout on to Chamber Dr.

At stop light turn RIGHT on to Milford Parkway

Turn left onto I-275 West

Follow I-275 West for 2 exits. Take Ward's Corner Exit and Turn RIGHT

Turn RIGHT at Light on to Loveland- Miamiville.


Turn LEFT into RiverHills Christian Church 

Drop off your Racers or Park car here.

Racers walk left out of parking lot to Paxton Ramsey Park. (Not far about 1/4 mile)


RiverHills Christian Church 6600 Price Rd, Loveland, OH 45140