Here is jist of it all...


  1. Drop bikes at Camp Friedlander 90 minutes before your start time.

  2. Drive Car to Loveland Primary/Elementary School

  3. Take Bus to Start Line at School House Restaurant

  4. Start out on Foot from School House Restaurant

  5. Run/Walk to Challenge #1 at AIM/MRO by bike trail

  6. Run/Walk up into the Camp

  7. Complete Challenges #2-6

  8. Get on bikes in Camp Friedlander Parking Lot

  9. Ride to bike trail on to Challenge #7 at AIM/MRO 2nd site off of trail

  10. Ride bike trail to Challenge #8 at The Grassy Knoll by Branch Hill Guinea Pk

  11. Ride bike trail to Challenge #9 at Izaak Walton League

  12. Ride bike trail across to Miami Riverview Park - Complete Challenges #10-12

  13. Ride bike trail to park bikes in Fountain Area by Roncker's Running Spot

  14. Run/Walk to Plaid Records for Challenge #13

  15. Run/Walk to Loveland Music Company for Challenge #14

  16. Run/Walk up over bridge on Left side sidewalk, turning left on to River Rd and then Right on to Main St. Complete Challenge #15 at The Loveland Art Studios on Main

  17. Run/Walk up Loveland Maderia to the Quilter's Studio on West Loveland to complete Challenge #16

  18. Run/Walk up to Wall St. and cross street on to Julianne Swayne Dentist Office for Challenge #17

  19. On to Challenge #18 at Veterans Park

  20. Run/Walk to Nisbet Park, turning left on Karl Brown Way, entering park by the Playground and complete Challenge #19

  21. Grab a tube and Run/Walk up the bike trail ....hop in the water and relax!

  22. Exit water at Nisbet Park and complete Challenge #20

  23. Cross the FINISH LINE and SMILE!!